Sifu Dim Sum Fish Ball
Sifu Dim Sum Fish Ball


Sifu Dim Sum Fish Ball


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Our Dim Sum Fish Balls are the epitome of classic Cantonese cuisine. Made from the finest quality fish meat, which is meticulously ground and mixed with select seasonings, these fish balls deliver a delicate, slightly sweet flavor and a pleasingly smooth texture. Each ball is carefully handcrafted to ensure the right bounce and consistency, a hallmark of authentic dim sum. Whether served in a nourishing broth, stir-fried, or enjoyed as is, our Dim Sum Fish Balls provide a protein-rich, low-fat food option that is perfect for all occasions. They encapsulate the rich tradition of dim sum dining, offering a delightful culinary experience in each bite.
  Sifu Dim Sum Fish Ball
Quantity / Carton (Pkt) 24 x packets(400g)
Packaging Size(400g): 205x215x0.07mm
Carton Size: 570x358x180mm
Barcode: 9555797800131
Ingredients: Fish Meat (Surimi), Starch, Soy Product, Sugar, Salt, Vegetables, Sesame Oil, Monosodium Glutamate.
Preservation method Keep frozen at -18°C

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