Sifu High Quality Fish Paste
Sifu High Quality Fish Paste


Sifu High Quality Fish Paste


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Introducing our versatile Fish Paste, a culinary essential that opens up a world of possibilities in your kitchen. Made with the finest selection of fresh fish, our Fish Paste is expertly crafted to deliver a smooth and velvety texture, perfect for creating a variety of delicious dishes, including Yong Tau Foo, Dim Sum, and more.

Our Fish Paste is a result of careful processing and blending, ensuring a consistent and high-quality product every time. It is made from premium fish fillets that are finely ground to create a silky paste that easily molds into different shapes. The paste is then seasoned with a delicate balance of herbs and spices, enhancing the natural flavors of the fish.

With our Fish Paste, you can effortlessly create traditional Yong Tau Foo by stuffing the paste into various vegetables like tofu, bitter melon, or chili peppers. The paste absorbs the flavors of the surrounding ingredients, resulting in a mouthwatering combination of textures and tastes. You can also use the Fish Paste to make delectable Dim Sum favorites like fish balls, fish dumplings, or fish cakes, adding a delightful seafood twist to your steamer baskets.

Beyond Yong Tau Foo and Dim Sum, our Fish Paste is incredibly versatile. It can be used to create other delicious dishes such as fish patties, fish rolls, or even fish burgers. Its versatility allows you to explore your culinary creativity and experiment with different flavors and cooking methods.

Whether you're a seasoned chef or an adventurous home cook, our Fish Paste is the perfect ingredient to elevate your dishes. Its smooth texture, combined with the natural sweetness and freshness of the fish, ensures a delightful dining experience. Expand your culinary repertoire and delight your taste buds with our premium Fish Paste.

Experience the endless possibilities our Fish Paste brings to your kitchen. From traditional Asian delicacies to innovative creations, our versatile paste will unlock new flavors and culinary adventures. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the deliciousness that our Fish Paste brings to your table

  Sifu High Quality Fish Paste
Quantity / Carton (Pkt) 36 packets(300g) /12 packets(1kg)
Packaging Size(300g): 127x178x0.06u
Packaging Size(1Kg): 216x241x0.09u
Carton Size: 570x358x180mm
Barcode (1Kg): 9555797800315
Barcode (300g): 9555797800292
Ingredients: Fish Meat (Surimi), Starch, Contains Permited Flavour Enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate).
Preservation method Keep frozen at -18°C


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