Sifu Ng Heong Fish Roll


Sifu Ng Heong Fish Roll


SKU: 9555797800384

Ng Heong Fish Roll is made of quality fish meat and blend with Chinese spices and herbs to get a distinct aroma. The mixture are then wrapped in soya bean curd sheet and fried to brownish color and can be served in steamboat , buffet catering or as finger food.
  Sifu Ng Heong Fish Roll
Quantity / Carton (Pkt) 20 x packets(500g)
Packaging Size(500g): 200x280x70mm
Carton Size: 450x320x160mm
Barcode: 9555797800384
Ingredients: Fish Meat (Surimi), Chicken Meat, Starch, Vegetables, Soy Product, Sugar, Salt, Bean Curd Skin.
Preservation method Keep frozen at -18°C

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