Sifu Otak Otak Stuffed Fish Ball
Sifu Otak Otak Stuffed Fish Ball


Sifu Otak Otak Stuffed Fish Ball


SKU: 9555797800285

Transport your taste buds to the vibrant streets of Southeast Asia with our Otak-Otak Stuffed Fish Balls. Each ball is a perfect fusion of crispy, golden fish meat on the outside and a flavorful otak-otak filling on the inside. Crafted from the choicest fish, our fish balls encapsulate a delightful blend of spices, chili, and fish paste characteristic of the traditional otak-otak. As you bite into the crunchy exterior, the exotic, spicy-sweet flavors of the filling come alive, offering an irresistible treat. Perfect for snacking, as an appetizer, or a unique twist to your meals, our Otak-Otak Stuffed Fish Balls bring the authentic taste of Southeast Asian street food to your table. Unleash a feast of flavors with every bite!
  Sifu Otak-Otak Fish Ball
Quantity / Carton (Pkt) 20 x packets(500g)
Packaging Size(500g): 200x280x70u
Carton Size: 450x320x160mm
Barcode: 9555797800285
Ingredients: Fish Meat (Surimi), Curry Paste, Sugar, Salt, Contains Permited Flavour Enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate).
Preservation method Keep frozen at -18°C

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